Utilitaire Controls 11 & 12

Even though I farted out last week I figured I’d throw two more in just to finish off the Utilitaire 12 in good faith. Nothing exciting, just a little day-to-day stuff.

#11 was to the store for salad, milk, and a wedge of brie.

It was dark so I used lights. They were the same as last time aside from the headlight. I’m using my Planet Bike Blaze 2 watt backup since the IXON iq tangoed with the asphalt at the end of the last ramble.

Control# | Type:   11 | Grocery Store (use #2)

Date | Week: 3/12/2012 | week 7

Distance: 3.4 miles

Where: Rotunda Giant

What did I learn? A wedge of brie is cheaper than a tub of Alouette Processed Cheese Spread. Also, all Alouette’s flavors are weird.


#12 was to work and back by my normal route.

Control# | Type:   12 | Work (use #2)

Date | Week: 3/15/2012 | week 7

Distance: 5.2 miles

Where: Johns Hopkins University

What did I learn? Spring and tailwinds are fun. Also, I forgot how much I liked my Walz summer cap that I haven’t worn in 7 months. I modified the bill by sneaking a bit of a snipped off zip-tie inside of the seam around the brim and it stiffened it up just enough that it doesn’t droop in my eyes when in the down position, and stays in place when I flip it into the “up” position.

The Utilitaire was a fun challenge! Can’t wait to try again with the next set.


P.S. – Forgot to tag it with my card…

3 thoughts on “Utilitaire Controls 11 & 12

  1. = WOO HOO! I totally understood where you were coming from in your previous post, BUT I’m so glad you rode the additional two!! Well done!

    • Wow, 2 comments and I didn’t even have time to do my proofread 🙂

      Yes, tubbed – cheese food product more expensive than brie. It is a strange world we live in.

      Thanks for putting on the challenge! I had a fun time with it.

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