Glyndon Figure 8

This ride was great and deserved more attention than I could give it for a post, but that’s not going to happen this week.

click for ride data

Numbers (from computer): time on bike – 3h:16min | miles – 48.09 | moving avg – 14.7 | elev gain – 2274′

Peter led me out on the Glyndon figure 8, which is a BBC favorite that he’s been doing for a while. He’s a stronger rider than me, especially on the hills, so I got the good workout of the pair. A nice rolling ride and the rain held off for the most part. My Ibex 3/4 knickers make great cool/wet weather bottoms.

Miss Sylvia makes liquid gold

I got home and pulled the best damn shots of espresso I’ve had anywhere in 2 years without even trying. I’ve been buying the sale blend of Zeke’s which was Brazil Monte Carmelo on this last rotation. (I thought their sale blend was nothing but fancy names given to floor sweepings and leftover variates from their signature roasts, but it’s actually on their website.) It’s not an espresso roast, but I ground it up and pulled 4 shots in a row of pure liquid gold. I wanted to keep going, but was starting to get the shakes. Then I made the best chili I’ve made in months.


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