Stuff that’s happened

Commuting, Store Runs, an evening ride or 2, a ride or 2 on the weekend and some minor mechanical work.

4/7: I did this ride on a spur of the moment with Rob and PJ… It was a short out & back along what is turning into our quick Saturday/Sunday ride. We thought about extending it, but PJ was having some shifting  issues with his bike, and I was kind of tired so we hung out on my front porch for a bit, drank coffee and talked shop while I put his bike in the stand and checked the derailleur adjustments.

4/15: I did most of this ride with Bob & PJ after a crazy last-minute exchange of emails Saturday night and Sunday morning. When riding with them, I’m the one who gets the workout. They both kill it on the hills compared to me. I had a good day and averaged a little over 15mph for 33 miles going up and back through Balto County rollers. I’ve ridden those roads 100 times, but never in that direction for some reason, so it was a nice change of pace even though it was a familiar route. I was doing yard work all day on Saturday, so right now my upper arms & shoulders are torn up. Everything else feels ok.

Both were a good time. No pics. I’ve been lazy lately.

Boring Mechanical stuff for me to search on 2 years from now when I wonder when the last time I stripped my hubs was…

Stuff I did to pug this week

  1. replaced rotor on front with avid g3.
  2. cleaned/loosened/aligned/torqued front calipers and pads
  3. replaced rear pads with organic aluminum models. The theory is that the front brake can be a metal pad to do the heavy lifting, and I could have the softer organic pad in the back for light stops in wet conditions. Organics don’t have the same durability/stopping power of the metal pads, but too much power goes to waste in the back end anyway. Gotta burn ’em in for 10 rides, then take it out for some test runs next time we get nasty weather.
  4. cleaned rear rotor
  5. cleaned/loosened/aligned/torqued rear calipers and pads

Stuff I did to trucker @ 7500 miles…

  1. Broke the Hubs down, cleaned, regreased, adjusted.
  2. Light lube in freewheel (non-servicable)
  3. Thorough cleaning and lube of chain – still using boeshield – dries out quicker but seems to deflect dirt and shield against wear and corrosion better than others. Or maybe it’s just because I’m lubing and cleaning it more than usual.
  4. Light Proofide for saddle/lube for saddle tension bolt.

Stuff I need to do still…

  1. Measure chain for wear. should be fine. Only replaced 2 5 months ago (update – not keeping track of miles bit me on this one. I’ve had it installed since November and it’s toast at 1200 miles. Hopefully I didn’t take the cassette with it… Time to try something other than SRAM 971’s. Who cares if they’re $20 if they only last a few months with constant maintenance.)
  2. inspect/clean/grease/adjust headset
  3. Check/Overhaul clean everything else (aside from drivetrain & brakes, which are good to go)

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