Monument to Monument 2012

Here’s my ‘double twitter’ (325 characters or less) summary… 105 miles (doorstep to doorstep. The Garmin was off for a little bit), 2 flat tire fixes, 2 monuments visited, Lunch at union station, 50 miles of trails and great back roads – visited twice, 2 Deviant Dale’s, a burger, and 2 hours of good conversation at Golden West for a chaser. Out the door at 6:45am and home by 9:00pm.

‘c’ group reaches the monument for a photo

Numbers: 7:54ā€™ | miles – 99.4 | average – 12.5 | elev gain – 5140′ (sez the garmin, which said 3833′ last year – maybe there was some upheaval from the earthquake in August)

garmin connect data

Bob’s Pics for the day here… Mine here…

Thanks to Bob for putting the ride together, Harry for the awesome job illustrating the spoke card, and all the old and new faces who showed up for a great day! Can’t think of too many more enjoyable ways to kill 14 hours. Now all that’s left to do is start daydreaming about next month (and maybe write more here if I can find the time)…

update #1: ‘c’ group got treated to a stunt bike demonstration as we rolled into Baltimore and approached M&T Bank stadium. Ken posted a small video clip for your enjoyment… As an aside, 4 of the 5 strangest things I’ve ever seen on rides have been coming through the south side of Baltimore.

5 thoughts on “Monument to Monument 2012

  1. ’nuff said. Those who like more detail will just have to set their calendar’s for the first sunday in May, 2013.
    Great pics. Especially, your DC shot above.

    • Thanks, Dave and I got caught up coming out of Baltimore, so we had a completely different experience than the rest of the group anyway… You need to deputize bloggers from the ‘a’ and ‘b’ groups too šŸ™‚

  2. So, Dave. You now have a century completed on the Polyvalent. Do we get a droolingly detailed review of the bike sometime soon?
    Perhaps it needs a run up to Gettysburg first. šŸ™‚

    • Can’t reply quick enough to catch all your comments! It’s a Rando, and I don’t know when I’ll get to writing about it. Never even wrote up a full page about the trucker and I’ve had that for 5 years. I really like your idea about testing it out on the roads up to Gettysburg. Usability testing for bikes is much more fun than for web development…

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