Annapolis Sunday Ride

Bob’s taking a vacation from the rambles for July, but did post 2 << unofficial rides >>. The first was last Sunday and with everything else going on, this is the first time I had to write about it.

The shove-off time was later than usual at 9, but I was still up early for other stuff and even further behind schedule than usual. Since I was traveling on the ‘bombed out’ roads south of the city I decided to take the Trucker and its fat tires out for a cruise and didn’t bother to check the pressure before I left. Getting to the starting point a good 15 minutes after 9 or so I stopped for a quick break at the BK across the street and set off to try and play catch-up. I had my gps with me with some random tracks loaded in, but no basemap. Even after riding down that way a bunch of times I still wasn’t sure of the route, so I made a wrong turn off of Hollins Ferry Rd. I corrected by turning on to Annapolis rd. and riding parallel to the normal route for a few miles and heading back over at Nursery.

Once finding the trails at the airport even I could figure out the route since it’s all trails. I kept pushing the pace and finally caught up with the group who had stopped close to the end of the Baltimore/Annapolis trail. Rob turned back here so I got to ride with him for a total of 0 minutes (sorry Rob). When we shoved off, the guys peeled off and I rode along behind Rod & Lenora on their tandem over the bridge and into Annapolis. We stopped past Rams Head first and then went down to the water looking for the finish.

Hanging out waiting for the finishers

Rod & Lenora’s awesome tandem decorated with crab – also appropriate because they are a member of C.R.A.B.S. (Couples Riding A Bike Simultaneously)

We watched Kurt Searvogel cross the finish line. He was the fastest solo American.

After seeing a finish, we half-rode-half-walked up to Rams Head Tavern for lunch and a few beers. We hung out for an hour and finally had to hit the bricks for home. Coasting past the families on the trail I watched Bob and PJ sailing off in the distance. Every time I looked down at the gps it said somewhere between 16 and 18mph, and with the Fordam Tavern Ales I had at lunch that was just fine with me. The beer had me a little dehydrated, but I made it home around 5 suffering nothing worse than a severe case of empty bottles and drymouth.

Great time and can’t wait for the mid-month gravel ride out of Glen Rock!

Numbers: time on bike – 5:00’ | miles – 70.4 | average – 14.0 | elevation – flat as it gets for around here.

Data: garmin connect


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