tools to keep 2: sundries

Part 2 is devoted to all the stuff that I keep using up – lubes, wraps and the like. There might be better stuff out there but I haven’t had to go looking for it yet…

Figure 1

  1. Phil Tenacious Oil – Super-high viscosity oil. 2 steps away from grease.
  2. ProLink chain lube – I got a huge vessel of this years ago on sale and can’t seem to use it up. Fine by me because it works great.
  3. (not shown) Regular 3-in-1 oil.


Figure 2 – For precise application of lubes I got an assortment of needle oilers for a few bucks off Amazon. Good for pinpointing hinges, cables, and the like. The modified syringe is for the Phil Oil which is too viscous to flow freely in the others.


Figure 3

  1. Boeshield T-9 – I got turned on to this by the guys at Rivendell. I’ve used it as a chain lube, and it is good in dry-to-damp conditions, but I like it most as a waxy lube for quieting squeaky shoe cleats or other metal/metal contact points that can’t be saturated with oil or grease. It works better than anything else I’ve tried for the hinge contact points on the folding bike. The only drawback is I do find myself reapplying it often.
  2. Repositionable Cable organization wraps – kind of like little mini velcro strips. you can use for light fastening tasks, or sometimes I’ll wrap around the brake lever to clamp shut while I make pad adjustments.
  3. Loctite Blue – Use on bolts to keep them from seizing or working loose.
  4. Park Tire Levers – from the bk-2 and my faves so far.
  5. zip ties – everyone already knows how useful these are.
  6. park lube – repack hubs, lube seatposts, all kinds of stuff. You can get a 1 pound can of marine-grade bearing grease for less than twice what you pay for a tube of polylube, but that’s like a 5-lifetime-supply for the home mechanic so I just deal with getting ripped off a bit.


Next on the list: Add-Ons


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