I owe you a cup of coffee & a muffin bob

2 Frederick on Frederick 2013 - 02

Sunday was more than the Super Bowl. Bob had plans for a ramble too. He hasn’t run the 2 Frederick on Frederick Ride in a while and it’s one of the few which I haven’t ridden yet. By Saturday night there was snow on the ground, but I was still ready to give it a shot. That evening was spent stripping the studs off my commuter and prepping my mountain bike to pinch hit. The only thing less likely than me completing a century on my Nokians would be completing a century on my single speed commuter with Nokians. I woke up in the morning after 2 kind-of-lousy nights of sleep in a row. For the first ramble day in months I laid there for 20 minutes after shutting off the alarm testing if I was awake enough to ride. The answer was yes, but it cost me my normal breakfast-at-home routine.

I left the house and rolled through Druid Hill Park, past the lake and down Monroe St. to Carroll Park with just a little time to spare. Bob hurt his hand in a crash the week before so he wasn’t able to ride with us, but was there to wish us luck and fuel us up with coffee and muffins from Dunkin’ Donuts. A good group came and chat for a few minutes. We were ready to ride by 7:40. Everyone else decided to skip the first trail section to avoid the snow and slippery boards on the bridges. I was riding on close to 500 carbide studs and LIVE for the trails so I forged ahead by the cue alone. The scenery didn’t disappoint…

2 Frederick on Frederick 2013 - 06

I stopped for a photo on the bridge, and meandered a bit to enjoy the quiet morning. When I hit Frederick Rd. I got to climbing with the intent of pushing my little tank and its 5.25 lbs worth of tires as hard as I could. I figured if I gave it my all and couldn’t see the flash of a taillight in the first 10 miles where the group was meeting up with other riders in Ellicott City there probably wasn’t going to be a good chance of seeing them for the rest of the day. 40-ish minutes later I arrived in town without making visual contact. Coffee, a pastry and home it is. I was down for a ride but really didn’t have the heart to go another 88 miles on pavement by myself. The life of a confident sweep is a lonely one.

2 Frederick on Frederick 2013 - 09

On the way home, I approached the ride with what I imagine was the exact opposite ethos that the rest of the group did. More trails = better. Started off up the boards on the Trolley Trail climbing out of Ellicott City…

2 Frederick on Frederick 2013 - 10

The Trolley Trail spit me out at Edmonson Ave. and I took that straight towards Leakin Park just like I used to commute (by car) years ago when I worked on the west side of town. Once there I pulled off the roads as quickly as I could. There were footprints on the trail, but it was otherwise deserted.

2 Frederick on Frederick 2013 - 08

The riding was beautiful and I had no agenda to speak of. I texted home that I was going to be in by 11, but that was achievable at even the slowest of paces. The trails were easy riding aside from a few nervous moments where my tires cut into frozen puddles and I had that feeling I was going to keep sinking. I enjoyed getting lost in the park for a while and just went with it figuring I’d hit a road sooner or later. Once I did I cut across the west side. Traffic wasn’t too bad since it was still only 10:15 am. A few miles of pavement and I caught up with Druid Hill park where I decided to take one last diversion in the trails behind the zoo. That spit me out near Union Ave. From there I made a b-line for home with close to 30 miles under my belt. I will not speak of my abysmal speed, but you can look at my gps track and chuckle to yourself if you want. Here’s some pictures. Don’t worry, I’ll see Frederick some day…


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