Monument to Monument 2013

Life’s got the better of me over the last few months. I’ve spent no time writing and aside from the commute and only a little more time riding. A few weeks ago Dave #1 got me out of the house on a ride to Annapolis a few weeks ago with his swimming friends and I totally blew him off when it came to writing up the experience. That is a shame because it was a really good time. Bad news is my schedule isn’t letting up anytime soon. For the foreseeable future, a few photos & a gps track of a ride is as good as it’s going to get. Trying to get all the details in ride reports and acknowledge all the cool people I meet is just too maddening for me right now. General plan is to work through all my chores, get back a bit of my fitness, and then maybe have something to write about a few years from now. Might want to tune to another station for a while. But before you click…

Sunday was Bob’s Monument to Monument ride.

2013-05-05 12.50.29We couldn’t approach the scaffold-covered monument this year…

2013-05-05 12.56.58I was lucky enough to bump into Gypsybug and Felkerino of Chasing Mailboxes and Daily Randonneur Fame. Nice to meet you both!

Oh, and there was a 50 mile ride to D.C., and another 50 mile ride back. A few hoagies, a milkshake at lunch, and a pint of beer at the Golden West Cafe when all was said and done. If only every Sunday could be like this. It was a blast. Thanks for organizing!



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