out & back time trial

To polish off the week. Quasi-stiff headwind from the n/nw for half the ride. 4:40sec break for soft pedaling over the bridge while I was caught in traffic. 18.8mi/65:37min/17.22mph av.

Screen shot 2013-08-16 at 8.03.38 PM

Not bad for the folder, flip-flops, and a backpack.

And now some totally non-bicycle related photos…



5 thoughts on “out & back time trial

  1. So nice to be reading trip reports on B n’C again. Now I just need to get some ride time in with my smart-ass buddy, Dave. (or is it smart-ass time with …?)

    BTW: You two are making me mighty envious for beach time. T and me will head down for a week in mid-Sept. I can’t wait. I’m thinking about bringing the bike AND the boat.

    • If I was smarter, or more of an ass, I’d come up with something more smartass to reply with 🙂 Didn’t kayak this time. Spent that time sleeping instead. We’re going back for a weekend but it probably won’t be until October.

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