2013 Coffeeneur #1

I’m out of the gates a few weeks behind schedule on the coffeeneur challenge Mary over at Chasing Mailboxes is putting on for 2013. I saw it weeks ago and started planning with good intentions, but true to form I just worked through my weekends and missed out until now.

This week was not only a ride for a beverage, but also a reconnaissance mission to find a good local supplier for fresh espresso beans. I haven’t had the Sylvia on in months mostly because I don’t want to buy a whole pound of beans just to have 1 day of fresh shots. Last time I tried that I overdosed on coffee and ended up with the jitters all afternoon. Good news is I found a shop that sells small batches AND has a great espresso.

Destination: CoffeeCoffee in the Festival at Bel Air.

Date: Saturday, 10/19

Drink: Espresso Milano Roast Triple Shot with a dash of cream

The Ride: I wasn’t certain it was far enough away as a straight shot to qualify, so I did a little ride up Tollgate to tack on a few extra miles. This was my first ride on a cloth bar tape rewrap. I like the grip of the cloth, but it has no padding at all. I’ll have to use gloves for that I guess. I stopped by a local bike store to check it out and get some energy bars for my ride tomorrow, but they weren’t open for another 40 minutes so nothing to report there.

Distance: 7.2 mi and about 40min. on the bike.

2013-coffeeneur-1An uninspiring cup for such an excellent shot…

I’ll have to make up my missed weeks on another weekend. I’m out in Frederick for an ‘organized ride’ all day tomorrow.

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