2013 Coffeeneur #2

Destination: Starbucks on Constant Friendship Boulevard in Abingdon, MD

Date: Saturday, 10/27

Drink: Hazelnut Macchiato – also had a piece of chocolate chip coffee cake.
eh, it was ok. This one was more about the ride.

The Ride: My goal right now is to see what I can see of the new neighborhood. I polished off my weekend work early and had some free time on Sunday. A few weekends ago (like 3 months) I was scanning gps data and saw a short trail along Winters Run…

Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 9.57.40 PM

I took fattest tired bike I could find and headed out looking for the entrance. I had to ride in and out of a few neighborhoods before I found the one with the dead-end that let me dive in. There were a few super-steep parts that dropped down to the level of the stream. Some of it was rideable, and some was barely walkable. I usually don’t risk life and limb too much when I go into the woods alone. Once along the main trail, it was pretty easy going aside from the few parts that were still muddy from the rains last week. I get the feeling it’s not an official trail, but more of a fire road. Nonetheless, it made for a fun ride with a few stream crossings and a few climbs which were just manageable enough to be fun rather than deadly. I was going to ride back the same way I came until I realized I put on my ‘good’ Merrell’s back at the house. Luckily I crossed all the streams and mud pits without putting a foot down but I wasn’t going to tempt fate twice.

Distance: 8.8 mi – a good bit of which was aimless wandering.

IMG_0279Winter’s Run

IMG_0281blurry shot of pugsley frolicking in the woods – didn’t get muddy for a few 100 yards.

Still have enough time to finish off the set if I ‘double-down’ on nearly every weekend.


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