2013 Coffeeneur #3 – cheaters occasionally prosper

Destination: Dunkin Donuts on Emmorton Rd. @ Singer

Date: Saturday, 11/2

Official Drink: XL Black Coffee to get me through some morning yardwork.
UNOfficial Drink: 3 incredible double shots of Espresso Milano back at the house.

Distance: 8.5 mi.


The Ride: I rolled out the garage 7:30 this morning not really having any idea where I was going to go. Should I head southeast towards Edgewood? around the back of Harford Glen? across 24 towards Churchville? Saturday is still my “get stuff done” day while Sunday is going to be devoted to longer excursions so I didn’t want to stray too far.

Screen shot 2013-11-02 at 10.45.00 AM

I started looping around the neighborhood with the intent of going 1 way and ended up going a completely different route for an out and back. What I REALLY wanted was 1/4lb of espresso beans from COFFEECOFFEE and to fire up the Sylvia for the first time in twenty fortnights. Unfortunately for me I spent my first Coffeeneur there so I couldn’t make it my official destination. I crossed 24 and rode up Emmorton Rd. to the Dunkin Donuts, picked up a cup of coffee, tossed it in one of my stainless water bottles and headed home. On the way I pulled in to the Festival and got 1/4lb of Espresso Milano beans. Back at the house I turned on the machine and let it warm up for 45 minutes while I raked some leaves out front. After a little grinder cleaning/maintenance everything was ready to go!


Straight from the tap it had about 1/3″ of crema. It diminished to a still-respectable 1/4″ by the time I snapped a picture. More importantly it tasted great. From the biking perspective it wasn’t the most inspired ride in the world, but I’m starting to build a routine where I actually am ON a bike which in itself is a good thing.


One thought on “2013 Coffeeneur #3 – cheaters occasionally prosper

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