2013 Coffeeneur #4 – any ride is better than none

Destination: Panera @ the Festival in Bel Air

Date: Sunday, 11/3

Drink: L Black Coffee.

Distance: 15.1 mi.


The Ride: I re-learned a valuable lesson today about beer and it’s ability to suck my motivation the next day. I was out by Duclaw last night and had a few of these. Back at the house I was mulling my options for a ride and had gone so far as to load a 55ish mile trip up to Havre De Grace. I got to bed a little late and even with the extra hour of sleep I found myself struggling to get out of the house–forgetting one thing after the other. On the bike I felt OK, but not really in the mood to be gone for 4 or 5 hours. I started my route but ended up cutting it short when I got to Abingdon Rd. Nothing more attractive had presented itself by the time I was back near home so I stopped in Panera for a cup of coffee.

Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 4.41.31 PM


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