Pancake Interception 2013 r2

Seems like only 10 months ago it was a cold and wet morning when we were prepping for this very ride. The Pancake Interception is one of my favorites and I could run it any time. I left the house in the morning an hour ahead of schedule and thought to myself that if there was nobody there when I got to the Starbucks I’d just take off early again. As I was getting my coffee Dave #1 came in and we spent that 45 minutes hanging out instead of getting a head start–time well spent. Dave’s been training all summer for the half-triathalon he completed about a month ago (congrats!) so he was kicking ass all day today. Guess if I want to ride with him now I’ve got a little training to do myself…


We left on time and the trip out of the city was uneventful. The group split up with regular precision, but they were still in Sykesville when we got there…


10 minutes later I left Sykesville at the back of the pack with Charlie. We rode along for a while until he started to pull ahead about the same time we caught up with new rambler Dan. Charlie kept accelerating and I stayed steady with Dan until we hit the lunch break–chipping away at the miles and taking a few pictures here and there…

IMG_2328Goofing off on Sam’s Creek Rd…

The northwesterly wind that was forecast for all day didn’t really start to kick up until 10 or so. By then we were nearly to lunch. Around 11:30 Dan and I crested the last hill and pulled into Union Bridge.


Lunch was the standard fare. Breakfast–and a pretty good one at that… We were only inside for about 25 minutes before we had to hit the road again.

Guys get ready to roll after lunch while the wind kicks the flags around

Leaving lunch, we were a group for about 2 miles before the main pack pulled ahead again. I was looking behind and ahead simultaneously. Looking behind and I lost Dan and I wasn’t sure if he’d decided on the route or short-cut. About the same time, I made visual contact with Charlie ahead at an intersection and flagged him down. We waited for 5-10 minutes before deciding to push forward. After the fact I found out Dan had a flat directly after leaving lunch, patched it, took the short-cut and made it home safely with 90+ for the day. Hope to see you out again soon.

Charlie and I plodded on together for the remainder of the afternoon. He said he was tired, but was still pulling ahead of me on every climb. He’d get a 200 yard lead on me and I’d reel him back in by getting in my most aero tuck for the descents. Skinnier tires were my only salvation and after 2 months of sketchy gravel roads I was all for a few 35-40mph descents.

IMG_2342Charlie takes 5 at John Owings and Bachman Valley Rd.

I felt ok riding, and having the wind at our back for the most part after mile 54 or so was a plus, but I was ready to be off the bike by the time I was 2/3 around the loop. Having done the Pancake ride a few times and spent many an hour staring at my eTrex I was caught up in what I’ve come to refer to as the ‘M of Death’ between mile 58 and 68…

Screen shot 2013-11-10 at 10.22.08 PMthe M of Death

Constant pressure was applied to the pedals and we both made it through unscathed. After a few more miles we were back on the main roads and checking in from the 75 mile High’s rest stop. I had a can of coke, shared a bottle of water with Charlie and ate some of the food I’d been carrying around in my bag for most of the day. Sitting still outside we got cold REALLY quick and it wasn’t 10 minutes before we were both ready to get moving again. We both felt better after the break and took advantage of our first true tailwind of the day to push us back into town.

IMG_2346coming through horse country…

Back in familiar territory I resolved to burn off what energy I had left and enjoyed the trip across Hillside and up Falls immensely. We got in just after dusk, packed up, and met the guys for some beers at Alonzo’s

It’s good to be back.

Here’s some pictures.  |  Here’s a garmin track.

Distance: 95.63mi | time: 9:31:36 | avg: 10.0 | mv avg: 12.0 | elev: 7413′

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