2013 Coffeeneur #6 – the donut interception

Destination: ONE MORE Dunkin Donuts

Date: Saturday, 11/16

Drink: Small Black Coffee.

Distance: 24ish mi.

The Ride: I rolled over twice this morning before I found the energy to get up. There were some showers overnight so the road was wet but nothing terrible. I still had the #5 route to run and given the contest deadline and my schedule today was the day. I wasn’t really feeling it, but I skipped breakfast to get back closer to schedule and rolled out only about 1/2 hour late. I started out with a little jog along Singer Rd. I picked up Atkisson and Stockton Rd. to run a few miles of Charm and Grace in reverse. I climbed up towards Mountain Rd. where my only option for shorting the ride presented itself. I was still in sleepy mode, but somehow found the strength to blow off the shortcut and go for the full route. I took Jerusalem Rd. south to Kingsville and looped back home via Sunshine Ave. Unbeknownst to me I’d be treated to several stretches of gravel and a few single lane bridges along the way. (not the gravel below, but a good representation of the quiet back-roads nonetheless)


IMG_0319One of 4 bridges…

I missed a turn and got lost on one of the gravel roads. The rains were just enough to muddy up the road and at one point I started to bog down. The rando was out of its element but pulled me through. Mud was putting on quite a show sloughing up and through the front fender top. There were quite a few tough ascents and descents to the route and I ended up with about 2k climbing for a 24 mile ride. The descents were all slow and controlled as I didn’t trust the roads any farther than I could throw them. I climbed back out of the valley and connected with MD152 for a few miles of easy, smooth, shoulder riding. I had a mental picture of the Dunkin Donuts I wanted to visit but it turned out to be a different one on a different corner for an extra 2 miles of riding. I ended up having to ride in a crappy part of rte. 1 for a couple hundred yards to get there so it definitely wasn’t worth it. What we’ll do for a cup of joe…

IMG_0323Got some beans too…

Screen shot 2013-11-16 at 2.52.57 PM

There was no actual donut purchased, I just liked naming the ride ‘donut interception’ as a nod to Bob’s pancake interception which I rode last week. I was getting deja-vu climbing quiet back roads on the second half. I sat down and relaxed for a few minutes while I drank my beverage. After I was finished, I bungied the coffee to the front bag and took off. The ride home was a little more trafficky than I thought it would be but there were no altercations–just more cars than I thought there’d be for back roads. That’s why I like early mornings so much…

IMG_0326Fenders kept most of the mud off the frame. Brakes were pretty gunked up though…

Close to closing off the challenge, this ride was exactly what I started the coffeeneur for. It was a chance to get out, try some new roads and get acclimated to my new environment. Better late than never!


2 thoughts on “2013 Coffeeneur #6 – the donut interception

  1. I was probably part of that 152 traffic you saw, being up and down that from 8-2 today.
    Love that front rack. I picked up a blem like that from VO last Feb that has no tang to connect to the fork. Any suggestions? Welding one on would work, provided I could weld.

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