2013 Coffeeneur #7

Destination: Shop Rite at the Festival (coffee bean exception ride)

Date: Sunday, 11/17

Drink: Zeke’s Gunpowder Espresso Roast: For years, Zeke’s has been my ‘go-to’ for local beans and was the first company that produced espresso I liked enough that I didn’t feel I had to roast my own. The first 2 shots I pulled gushed out so fast that I knew they’d be garbage. By #3 I had the grind and tamp dialed in well enough that I’d have a good drink. In comparison to the Espresso roast from CoffeeCoffee, this was a lighter roast with less oily beans that required a finer grind. Much less crema but still a smooth, drinkable shot with a hint of a nutty or caramel taste in the finish and just a touch of bitterness. You never know with purchased beans how fresh they are but these tasted ok. I put a little sweetened creamer in shot 3 for something different.

Distance: 3.8 mi.

The Ride: I was up REALLY late last night and being awake was a miracle in itself. There is one more place I want to try in Bel Air but all I wanted for today was to sit around, brew some espresso and listen to some music. The air was as thick with moisture as I’ve ever seen it this morning and I had to stash my glasses not 1/4 mile into the ride. Beads of water were dripping off my helmet within mile 1. It’s good to have some bright lights for days like this.

photo(3)small sackville bag fits 1lb of coffee perfectly. COINCEDENCE?


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