The hill you never stop climbing

Moving through the holidays I’ve taken a little time off. Normally I use it for very focused reflection or to work on projects and hobbies I don’t regularly get the chance to devote time to. This year ‘aimless wandering’ would better describe the last 3 weeks. It was kind of depressing because I could feel my free time disappearing while at the same time I couldn’t mobilize myself to do anything significant with it. I crossed some pretty big milestones off my to-do lists this year, but I let a few things I really care about slip away. First off, my mileage has taken a huge dive and I can really feel it. I was looking back through my posts and while I don’t take good enough notes to do a quantitative analysis of my athletic performance, I know I’m as low right now as I’ve been for at least 3 years. Second, I hadn’t been on a scale since the end of October. It appears that the best thing I did for myself in the first 10 months of the year was weigh myself regularly. Even though I wasn’t really trying hard to be fit at least there were checks and balances in place to curb torrential weight gain. The last 2 months were good for 15 pounds putting me back up at 222.4 lb. That’s real close to 50lbs up from my best month in June 2012. Crazy. How could I let that happen. Normally the New Year is reserved for renewing challenges, but I was pretty sick of waiting by the day after Christmas so I kicked it off early.

We had our first snow fall in December. I was content to leave the bike hung up and just get a little exercise shoveling snow. This time I decided to have a go at riding too and took Pug out to the NCR trail. 5″ of snow is similar to my beach experiences. This made for the slowest going I’ve had in a long time. It felt just like being on an eternal mountain climb. Resistance workout indeed!





The reward for my work was 2 hours or so of nearly uninterrupted silence. About 1.5 miles north I started riding in a set of atv tracks which made for easier going than the fresh powder or cross-country ski tracks. I wasn’t aware how much easier until I was plodding back that last mile to Monkton at the end. As usual, it was very nice to be out and I got a great workout but by the end my toes were numb and I was very glad to be back. Guess I shouldn’t have left the chemical warmers at home.

The biggest lesson I learned about myself in the last year is I can accomplish some pretty insane to-do lists if I clearly define my goals. That’s good. The bad part is aside from repairing my progress on the weight loss front I still haven’t figured out precisely what else it is I’d like to accomplish.

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