the hill you never stop climbing part 2

2 weekish update. Started moving in the right direction again. Went for another 10 mile route exploration Sunday that turned into a hike/bike in Harford Glen with a stream crossing. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to be in that area and I definitely didn’t have the right tires for it. My bike shoes are still drying out. Next week I’ll try again for the slightly wider loop that I’m certain is all paved roads. I was back out to the NCR trail today with skinnier tires. I went a bit further for a 3 hour ride but it was pretty muddy and I got bogged down all over the place. Made for a better workout, but I would have rather ridden pug and gone farther for my time. Still slow as dirt.

IMG_2370-500pxNew Freedom on a Monday Afternoon

With eating I’ve been 90% refined carb and starch free since right after Christmas. Yesterday at dinner made for a cheat day and I’ve had a few energy bars on rides, but that’s about it. Just like the last time it kind of sucked for the first few days but then I fell into a groove and now I’m just not really hungry any more with the exception of right when I get home in the evening (which is usually about 6 hours after a very small lunch). Too early to enjoy the fruits of my labor in actually weighing significantly less, but all in good time.


2 thoughts on “the hill you never stop climbing part 2

    • yep, I switched to a compressed work schedule a few months back so I’m off on Mondays. A little brutal on Tuesday-Friday, but totally worth it. Just saw your post for the Pylesville ride. Glad you’re ok and hoping for better weather on your February redo.

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