the hill part 3

Still digging in. My weight loss efforts have been consistent since 12/28. 8lbs? Most likely it’s all water, but I still don’t have to carry it up the hills. Last 3 days have been kind of tough. Really want a beer and a burger right now.

I’m still having problems with motivation for my morning rides, but I managed to break out for a near-25 miler on Sunday with about 2k of climbing. First I couldn’t find my favorite gloves for cold riding. Then once I got going my gps kicked out. Then I had to loop back around to get my balaclava (colder than I thought). Once I got going FOR REAL it felt pretty good. By about the halfway point my toes were freezing so I pulled off to the side and broke out the chemical warmers. Don’t think I shook them up enough because by the time I got back my toes were completely numb. I pulled them out of my shoes and they were lukewarm but nothing great. An hour later I went to toss them in the trash and they were 3 times warmer than when they came out of my shoes. No regrets though as the ride was worth it. I was glad it wasn’t any longer though.

Think I’ll close out this series on a high note and ease into regular ride reports. In pursuit of that goal I’ll try to make rides more regular.


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