When we moved into the new house, this was in the basement…

treadmillI like the idea of running and I was looking for something different to mix up my workouts. Back a few years ago I even completed a couch-5k plan to keep myself active the summer I cut my leg and wasn’t able to go on long rides. Last November I decided to fire it up about the same time the days got short and figured out something really quickly–even off my athletic peak, I can run my ankles and knees into the ground wayyyyyyy before I get winded. All I had to do was crank it up to 5 or 6 miles an hour and run for 35 minutes–BAM, pain. I spent a good bit of the holidays hanging around thinking about how much my knees suck, how much my ankles suck, and how much my right shoulder sucks (hasn’t been right for about 6 months since a fun day in July where I spent 8 hours cleaning out my mom’s house and tossing junk over the wall of a 7′ tall dumpster.). Ironically, the fact that I spent the first month of my 40’s wondering how I got so old so quick was part of my drive to get clean in 2014.

Good side of this rant is that I started stretching out everything that sucks regularly and was pretty much back to normal by January. About the same time I had an epiphany with Mr. Treadmill. If I jack the incline all the way up to 10 I can get winded without pounding my joints to dust. I didn’t do too much riding this week but I got a few interval workouts in so all-in-all not too bad.

Gained a bit since my last check-in, but I was down like 3 or something the week before so I’m not going bonkers about it.


4 thoughts on “Variety

  1. First month of your 40s? C’mon man. 40s are the start of the prime years of your fitness! That treadmill is the perfect start for some cross-training. Go hard for 5-6 minutes, do sets of push-ups, squats, pull-ups, 5-6 minutes more on the bike, repeat Put a bike on a trainer next to the ‘mill, and you can do a biathlon.. Go for it; knees and ankles can be repaired.

    BTW, the difference between running and jogging? Jogging is when you are trying to lose weight or get in shape. Running is a lifestyle.

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