Last night I mapped out a figure 8 which was about 38 miles in length to try this morning. I got up a little late but still with plenty of time to give it a run since the snow held off and the radar looked clear. I was gone only about 25 minutes before my feet started to get cold. For the first time ever it was icy enough that I could feel the cold radiating from my pedal, up the cleat and through the bottom of my shoes. Put warmers on the top of my toes but should have put them underneath… When I reached the center of the ‘8’ I took a right turn instead of going straight to make a b-line for home before my feet froze out. Temperature for the rest of my body was regulated well so I’ll just have to keep trying different combinations of footwear and warmers till I find something that works what with 6 more weeks of winter ahead of us. Back in the neighborhood and close enough to home that I didn’t have to worry about frostbite I looped around a few extra streets until numbness set in. 15 miles is better than nothing.

On the upside, since the ride was shorter I used it as a ‘nutritional experiment’ by not ingesting any carbs along the way or having any extra food when I got back to see how I felt a few hours later. Like it never happened and I just ate lunch at the normal time. With weight loss, I’m “in the zone” where the sugar and bread withdraw has receded and I’m content with 3 small meals a day. 16lbs down since the day after Christmas.

Distance: 14.8mi | time: 1:09 | mv avg: 12.8 | elev: 1249′


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