Not sure if riding into headwind…


Some beautiful weather we had Saturday and Sunday right? I had marching orders for both days so I didn’t get out. Saturday I was visiting family in PA and Sunday I had a ton of cooking to do. Sucks to have to spend 2/3 a day or so in the kitchen, but I make 20 meals and I’m good to go for the week. When I was cleaning up I looked out the window around 5 and saw kids outside playing 2 houses over in t-shirts. Today I got through the rest of my chores by 10am and was eager to ride. It was still sunny but the cold and winds were back. Can’t have everything I guess…

Leaving home, I took an unplanned diversion along Winters Run before turning around and heading west on 152 like I had originally planned. Didn’t know exactly where I wanted to go, I just had an idea of how many hours I wanted to be out. When I saw the nice wide shoulder and the fairly low traffic volume I decided to stick to the main road. Aside from a traffic light or 2 there wasn’t much to write about — just pushing over the rollers and into the wind. 7 miles down the pike, somewhere around Fallston, I started climbing another hill surrounded by wide-open spaces that let the wind kick my butt extra hard. When I reached the top I’d decided I had enough for the day.


Across 152 there was a little side road that said ‘no outlet’ flanked by barren fields. For some reason it called to me and I took a diversion to see where it went. 50 feet in it turned to gravel and I followed it back 1/2 mile past a small lake and 2 tree lines to where it dead-ended at someone’s drive. It was odd how silent it was (aside from the wind) once I got just 100 yards away from the main road.




I ate a small snack pack of almonds and turned around. With the wind behind me the trip home was fast. Real fast. I ended up getting back a little earlier than I wanted. Even though I had some time to kill I was kind of torched from the last 2 hills so I just shut off my gps and soft-pedaled around the neighborhood for another 30 minutes or so. Real nice day on the bike.

Distance: 26.9mi | time: 2:04 | mv avg: 12.9 | elev: 2093′

Weight Check-in: I broke down and set up my trainer in the basement last week. I decided to bike on my non-run days because I felt good enough to train every day but still am nervous about destroying my ankles and knees. The extra effort was worth it and I lost the pound or so I missed from 2 weeks ago to get me back on track. 21.2 down from the end of December.


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