Bridge, Dirt, Horses…

I spent a good part of the week being sick. It was the annoying kind of sick that was not bad enough to miss work, but plenty bad enough to throw me off my training routine. Even though I bounced back pretty well, Tuesday through Thursday was a bit of a garbage dump and I still felt a little out of sorts by the weekend. Ken contacted me about a ride after my last ride report and all I wanted was to be up for it. A little easy spinning late in the week was enough to convince me I felt good enough to proceed so we tried to get the details straight Friday night. I went to bed early and missed his last message. I caught his email Saturday morning but was still half out of it and went for the coffee pot first. Luckily, he took the initiative and called me up. We set a plan to roll out from his house at 10:30. Ken gave me a cue, but I made it clear from the beginning that I was going to let him lead me around. To start, he took me east along Glen Arm rd., down Mt. Vista and over towards the Jericho covered bridge.

We set a purposely relaxed pace for the day and spent quite a bit of time in the first few miles just seeing the sights along Harford county back roads. The route led along Bottom and to the west of Bel Air along Carrs Mill and Grafton Shop Rd. The traffic here was normal for mid-Saturday, which is to say a little thick for comfort. I was glad to be free of the main thoroughfares when we turned onto Boggs close to the top of our route.

A certain short sharp steep dirt hill on Cosner brought back memories of the Fondue Ride. The Warbird handled it and all the other rough stuff quite well. The route he showed me the night before crossed rte. 23 and I was wondering when we were going to get there. Talking along the way we missed the turn onto Engle. We didn’t notice until intersecting with 152. We pulled out our phones and quickly realized that we could get back on route by detouring up Ebenezer Rd., which turned out to be one of the nice stretches of the ride. In hindsight I believe I was on this road before but I’m counting it as a discovery on our part. We stopped along a fence line and just listened to the wind whip through the trees for a few minutes.



While riding along Hutchins Mill Rd. a few minutes later, we intersected with a hunt club out for a ride–hounds and all…


That was about it for photos. I’ve been traveling light as of late and the phone has too many buttons to pull it out while riding for a quick photo op. From here we started to head south. The westerly winds had been kicking up stronger as the day went on and now they felt like they were starting to turn from the south. It was probably mental, but no less real from my perspective. I had a small breakfast of eggs, veggies, and cheese with coffee at 7:30, a clif bar somewhere around 11 and a few almonds when we stopped on Ebenezer, but not much else all day. By the time we hit the mid 30-mile mark I was riding on an empty tank and started to get a little cranky. Ken had marked the last turn on the cue at 43 and told me at one point that the ride was about that long, but there was still a little further to go in returning to his house. Even for a low miles day I was glad to be back and we hung out for an hour or so enjoying the day, a beer or 2 and some conversation. Thanks for getting me out of the house and back on my feet.

Distance: 45.6mi | moving time: 3h37m | avg: 11.1 | mv avg: 12.6 | elev: 3827′

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