Monday Rides, Sunday Rides, & Between

I was pretty burned out after the Monument ride last Sunday. I still got up at my usual time the next day but felt like I was in a fog. Did chores. Tried to keep moving. 4 hours passed and I realized I had to get out. Not interested in committing to a full route I managed to muster the initiative for close to 17 with some decent hills for a workout. Sometimes when I can’t find the motivation I just put on bike shorts instead of regular clothes. 20 minutes of walking around the house in riding gear will make me feel silly enough to get on the bike.

Saturday we were having friends over in the afternoon/evening, but I found time to ride that morning for an hour or so in street clothes by getting most of the yardwork done Friday night in the hour of daylight I had after my train came in. 12-13 miles? Under an hour. Tried to tackle a particular hilly gravel road in too big a gear. Had to walk it for a minute.

4:50am Sunday morning came super-quick. We were hosting family in the afternoon so I had little time to second-guess the decision to ride. Like a few weeks ago, I wanted to do the Havre De Grace loop. In order to make it home on time there was no room for french-press coffee, errors, flat tires, photos, or other goofy time-wasting–just get dressed and ride. All I knew was once I got past Abingdon Rd. at 8 miles out I didn’t have a clear route home memorized so I’d have no choice but to pedal hard and hope for a miracle. I did stop for one photo…


…and to say hi to friends for 2 seconds since they were stepping out the front door at the same moment I was passing by. This one was half way between a beautiful scenery ride and a brutal workout. The traffic lights were slightly more accommodating than last time, I ate on the bike instead of pulling over to take a photo while I had my clif bar, and I didn’t make the 2 wrong turns I made on my first attempt. Close to the end I was pulling away from the last stoplight separating me from home and noticed I had 3 minutes to get to the driveway if I wanted to break the 4 hour mark for the ride. I did one of those out of the saddle racing style sprints at the end, but still missed it by 16 seconds. The effort was good and I shaved just shy of 40 minutes off my last time. Back home, I had 30 minutes to soft-pedal, stretch, take a shower, and get to work.

IMG_2506Sandwich & Chips didn’t last long enough for a photo. I think the bottle was empty too…

Good day, but I was pretty wiped out by the end of it. My legs on the other hand were more than wiped out–they were completely destroyed–and I had no interest in my ‘Monday ride’ this week. I was sitting on the couch about 8:00 Sunday night and got one of the worst ‘double-charley-horse-cramps’ in both legs that I’ve had in about 2 years. The common thread for all these rides was “stuff I wasn’t sure I wanted to do, was glad I was doing within 10 minutes of leaving the house, and then was totally wrecked after doing.” Sunday was the one that totally did me in. I’m not sure if I just didn’t stretch enough, or pushed myself too hard, but I didn’t want to ride at all today, or really do anything for that matter. That made me pretty sad because it was beautiful out, but working around the house was the best effort I could muster. Next weekend is a little more booked up than last so hopefully this’ll tide me over for a while.


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