Penn Station Bike Racks

I quietly resumed my bike commute in the spring after 6 months (too many) of taking the Hopkins shuttle during the winter. I fully take the blame for our unusually long winter this year because I thought about mounting my studded tires on the blue 1-speed back in early February but thought to myself that warmer weather was right around the corner and it wasn’t worth the hassle for 3 weeks.

Carrying the folding bike on the train is a p.i.t.a., and I wasn’t too keen on leaving things locked up all night long downtown. My compromise was to ride the folder Monday, stash it in my office, and lock the 1-speed up only 3 weeknights. Friday evening I’d ride the folder back. It was a good compromise leaving my commuter locked up more safely in the Hopkins garage over the weekend and it isn’t too bad commuting with the folder on Monday morning or Friday evening which are both typically lower volume times on MARC trains. Watching the bikes getting locked up at Penn station, I was pretty close to riding the 1-speed every day. There were some pretty fancy rides getting left out and I thought “well one of these bikes with a 105 group’ll get messed up before mine”. That was until last Thursday when I walked over to the rack and saw this…


Old mountain bike with the front wheel missing. That sucks. Who does that? Velocipede is right around the corner. Guess I’ll be more worried instead of less worried about stuff getting yanked.

On an unrelated note, I got an extra good workout for 2 days this week because my rear brake cable got tangled on one of the braze-ons of the frame and I rode to and from work a few times with the rear wheel brake clamped half shut. I never gave it a second thought that it felt like more work because I just figured I was tired from the monument ride.


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