ride and update 6-2

I was told multiple times over the last month that it’s annoying when I flaunt my compressed work schedule by posting rides and photos Monday afternoon like clockwork. That’s not the reason why I’ve been silent. I just got overwhelmed with tasks around the house, research, and a little bit of freelance so I haven’t been out. Where I have been on rides, it’s come at the cost of documentation. When all is said and done I’d rather be on a bike than try and tell a story about being on a bike.

Group ride 3 Sundays ago – I joined up with Chesapeake Spokes at the beginning of the year and felt it was high time to actually go out on a group ride. The first outing was a gloriously flat and laid back ride from Churchville area to Aberdeen. Rode within sight of the water and back again.

Group ride 2 Saturdays ago – Again, a great time with a great group and it brought my moving average up a bit trying to keep up with faster riders. My overall was about the same because we stopped at intersections frequently (frequently FOR me). I rode to the start and logged about 45 for the day total.

Commutes: nothing new to report there. I’m doing it though which beats the JHU Shuttle by about 1000%.

Monday ride this week: I’m also suffering from ‘same thing syndrome’ where it feels absurd to ride the same places and tell the same story in the same way. Regardless of how enjoyable it is to go for a ride it becomes difficult to put a fresh spin on it. To remedy this I took some of the roads I’d been on from other rides and reconfigured them to a straight “152->23” loop with a few country road diversions on each end.


This one has a few less hills (3200′) and a little more fast rolling along main routes than other rides which makes for a nice mid-week confidence booster. When I’m too burned out for 1000′ of climbing per 10 miles it’s nice to know I have a go-to route that’ll let me get away with only 775 or so.

Notable notes for Monday include passing a guy on a cruiser along Laurel Brook who looked like he was out for a nice day and then later intersecting with a guy along Houcks Mill Rd. who was on a mini-tour with some friends from Arlington, VA area to Conshohocken, PA. He was riding a new-ish looking disc-braked Raleigh like this.

Back closer to Bel Air I had intended to intersect with the southern segment of the Ma/Pa trail to work on my connecting routes between home and downtown but when I got to the connection point my route vanished and I ended up following main roads through town and out the south side along 924 towards Emmorton Rd. I don’t spend much time downtown and for a few miles I had truly no idea where I was. The shoulders are wide on Emmorton so the higher traffic volume turned out to not be so bad. I stopped at Sonic for a grilled chicken sandwich lunch since I was ‘in the neighborhood’ and it tasted pretty good after 40 fast miles.

00001Good lunch still in the bag…

When I got home I looked up the satellite image for the place my route went askew and the ‘road’ I was supposed to go straight on looked like a driveway. It was a strange combination of being a named road in Google Maps while not being marked in any way/shape/form in real life. For stats, Ride W/GPS told me that my moving average was 16.7mph, and while I’d love that to be true it also told me my stopped time was 1:10 which I know to be patently false. That being said I have been watching those skewed numbers creep up every month this year. Could I be making progress? Dare to dream.


2 thoughts on “ride and update 6-2

  1. Dave,
    I think I spotted you on your folder at Seminary and Dulaney Valley on Friday afternoon (6/6). You were on the phone, so I didn’t stop. I had just walked out of Loch Raven with a broken rear mech with my son was escorting me.

    • Good eye, I was calling to see where my better half was. She was meeting me from home b/c the MARC trains from DC were delayed with no estimate on when they’d arrive. I got fed up and decided to just ride north.

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