on once off once.

Pretty much the entire weekend was beautiful for riding. Given my trip last week, sacrifices needed to be made to keep my chore list under control so I spent the greater part of the day on Saturday and Sunday doing maintenance to the deck. Kind of like last week I was pretty tired before I got anywhere near a bike. My plan for Monday was to take the 152/23 route and extend it by 10 or 15 miles. Basically when I got as far west as I’d been before at the intersection of Houcks Mill Rd. I turned left instead of right.


I’d been on all the roads before aside from Jim Pierce and Gerting. Maybe I was there. I don’t remember. It was beautiful riding through the trees although it was a little brutal climbing. My reward was a nice downhill on Wesley Chapel (liked it better riding south) followed by jumping on the trail once at Monkton for a few miles of relaxed trail riding. I jumped back off the trail at Hunter Mill just like last week. Everything after mile 28 felt precisely like last week in fact. Same sunny skies, same hills, same headwind, saw the same mail carrier on Schuster… I even felt like I was carrying the camping gear. It could have been the work on Saturday and Sunday or maybe it was the heat combined with my rationing of 1 bottle of water. I was having a bit of trouble psyching myself up to make that left at mile 19 so it was probably the former. Going for the full route was worth it. 14 miles later I was right back at the Hutchins Rd. intersection. I polished off the final 20 into the wind with as much composure as I could. Even though I had my camera with me I didn’t feel inspired.

Distance: 53mi | time: 3:55moving | mv avg: 13.5 | ov avg: 13.2 | elev: 3987′

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