laughter is not always the best medicine

Last week was pretty decent at work. I had some challenges at my job that I rolled through and I was looking forward to enjoying a long weekend where I left my projects behind and just relaxed. I’d been too busy to check in on the weather but was optimistic nonetheless. Just as I was wrapping up and getting ready to leave Thursday evening that line of nasty thunderstorms started to roll through. I sat in the breezeway of my building for 10 minutes or so waiting. The worst of it looked like it passed and I knew if I waited too much longer I’d miss my train so I headed towards St. Paul street. Coming down the south side of campus and coasting through one of the walkways near the Charles St. construction everything was wet, but felt normal otherwise–until my front wheel suddenly stopped and I kept going. There was a dip between 2 uneven sections in the sidewalk obscured by a giant puddle and in a split second I was flying over the bars. My forearms and elbows evenly caught the first 30% of my weight and my torso caught the rest. in a split second I knew my weekend was shot.


I’ve dodged 1,000,000 potholes on that little folding bike. Although it rides well on a good day, when it wanted to stop the combination of small wheels, short wheelbase and high center of gravity caught me totally off guard. I peeled myself off the concrete a second later stumbling around in the rain and having a hard time breathing for the first minute. Walked it off and decided to aim for the shuttle stop at Barnes & Noble to catch the a ride to Penn Station and missing it by ‘that’ much. Good news is it’s downhill nearly the whole way so I coasted there half afraid for my life on a bike for the first time in who knows how long. I arrived at Penn Station (right behind the shuttle I missed btw) only to find out that the train was delayed AGAIN and I ended up waiting for it in wet shorts for over an hour. I totally get why people put up with driving to work because the train is really starting to piss me off. After all that pretty much any weekend would be good.

Friday – good time with family around the house. I wasn’t in the greatest shape but had enough energy to run the grill and have a few hard ciders. Saturday – hanging out with friends at their house which was nice. That night I was out in the garage and thought to myself it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go for a little ‘recovery ride’ in the morning. I went to get a bike down from the ceiling rack and my core felt like it was torn up just trying to lift it off the hooks. If it is too tough to pick a bike up maybe it would be a bad idea to try and ride one…

I sat around today, took care of cooking for the week and some other chores. Jen did everything she could to keep my spirits up even though I kept telling her it hurt like hell to laugh. I was being a bit of a tool this weekend so I deserved some of it.

Glad it was good weekend weather for the rest of you. Hope you all got out for some great riding. Looks like it’ll be another July of me following the Tour de France. I’ve been through worse and I’ll be back soon.


2 thoughts on “laughter is not always the best medicine

  1. Sorry to hear about your crash, Dave. I once came close to riding into a sewer hole after it rained on Falls Rd. Train delays… Welcome to my world. There may be a way to track the MARC trains online before you leave. I check Amtrak online but it is not foolproof.

    • Thanks for the well wishes. The manholes on Falls Rd. are a few of those million obstacles I’ve dodged before. Scary. I found a couple different feeds with information on train delays but it’s always incomplete info. Not that it’d matter. Once I’m in the city I really don’t have a choice how I’m getting out…

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