Sweet Air Trail Riding


I worked around the house all Sunday and Monday morning. 2pm rolled around and I took a few hours out to do something different. I had been checking out local trails and decided to explore the Sweet Air section of Gunpowder Falls. Some climbing, some singletrack, some doubletrack and some grassy paths bordering farmland. I had stolen the bottle cage off pugsley at some point and didn’t notice until I was prepping in the parking lot. With no other option, I took a big swig at the car and headed out. For the next hour and change I got myself good and lost. I had the gps with me but kept doubling back on myself because I had no tracks loaded of the park. In the end I only saw the northwest side but I got a real good look at it.



My original idea was to do a 50/50 road/trail ride but I was glad to have the fat tires. It was much more fun doing the singletrack than sticking to what I could run on streetable tires. The trails were practically dry but there were a few places where water had pooled and dirt was filled in again by the maintenance crews that were still a little wet. Pugsley was fun to ride in those areas because I could ride straight through without leaving ruts. I was even smoothing it out a bit and I knew I was lost when I started to see my tracks 2 and 3 times in the same spot. Traction for the climbs was great in the loose rocky sections too. Have to go back again soon and check it out more.


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