making lemonade

I did some wrenching this afternoon. Started by stripping the blue…

IMG_2592top half – garbage, bottom half – useable



I did a sweep Friday on Nashbar and actually thought about picking something up new to ride in-town. There were 1 or 2 candidates in the $200-$300 range that looked suitable, but I couldn’t see buying anything with the pile of surplus equipment I have laying around. The trucker has been neglected since I turned my attention to the rando and now warbird. Part of the neglect was due to some mechanical issues. I replaced the middle and big rings with a purchase from Riv Bike 1000 miles ago. It was probably the only bad purchase I’ve ever made from them with the middle ring not aligning properly between the inner and outer. I’ve had rough shifts ever since and I really didn’t want to spend any money fixing it. (p.s. the retrogrouches will tell you that you don’t need ramps or pins on your rings, but trust me on this they are REAL NICE to have if you’re shifting.) I took the crankset off the 1 speed, grabbed the takeoff alivio rings from my parts box, pulled some cables and brake pads, and set to building myself a new commuter…




IMG_2602  IMG_2617

Not really crazy about putting the trucker in harms way but I removed the skewers and have a more secure lockup procedure to implement. I intend on making it as much of a pain in the ass to take stuff from as possible. These wheels are true as well but they’ve got about 8000 miles on them and the back rim is nearly burnt through. I’m not quite ready to spend $150 on a set of pitlocks yet. We’ll see how it goes.


3 thoughts on “making lemonade

  1. I like the placement of the bottle of beer in the last photo. I use 2 u-locks at Penn. One around the front wheel, frame and rack. I use a second one to lock the rear wheel to the frame. Hopefully, this continues to work.

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