45 miles into the wind

It would take a pretty decent day to make me want to bump last weekend down the page on my blog. I’ve been a little lax about weekend rides lately. I get the idea to go somewhere, and I wake up on time, but frankly just make my coffee and get to work on one of my projects around the house. I checked in with Ken mid-week about schedules for the coming weeks and he said he was good to go for a ride on Sunday. I of course can’t say no so to him so it was on!

This morning I got up normal time and was listening to the wind kick the house around for 2+ hours wondering what I had gotten myself in to. Around 9:30 Ken showed up, we got our stuff together and headed out before we could think it over too much.




If Harford County had a fondue ride this route would be a pretty good starting point. Climbing, gravel, climbing on gravel, more climbing… Maybe 20 minutes after this photo we were heading down a fairly steep hill near the northern most point in our route and I was DOWN-gearing while pedaling because the headwind was so strong. Fortunately the hills and wind cancelled each other out in at least a few places and winds didn’t turn on us at any point. It did whip around from quite a few directions.

IMG_2693We took a break in horse country to get out of the wind for a few minutes… There were a few places we could cut it short but were having enough fun to resist temptation.

IMG_2695Ken sprints along Bottom Rd. for a bit. I think that’s what he was going for in this pic…

The wind was still pummeling the back of the house when we got back so we hung out in the garage and had a few beers. 44.6 miles — 5621 feet by the Garmin and 4787 by RWGps.


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