better Craic

Bob worked up a really great new route with the B&A. I was getting in from that day almost exactly 1 week ago now. Not much time to write about it, but this route is a winner. Sunday was a great day to ride as well. Ken & I carpooled to the start and met up at 7 for coffee with some of the other guys before a quick bolt to the official start. From the chatter on the forum beforehand it sounded like a few were scared off by the wind. We had tailwinds or crosswinds at worst for the entire trip south. By the time we turned around the front slowed and the headwinds weren’t as daunting for the return trip as we were expecting.

15832109740_a61b238670_zWashington Monument start…

15833621917_a579637cd0_zWe visited Sandy Point State Park and saw the bay bridge…

15993582706_0818d7e4cc_zThen we all posed for a picture at Thomas point State Park…

16017418221_1be147ae84_zThen Ken and I got lost 100 yards in the woods like a few weeks ago…

15397120384_bfab2e7b3d_z    And then had some brunch at Fado…

We took a few breaks here and there. We lost our battle with the daylight and the dyno lighting on the Rando worked great. Ken and I were moving at our own pace and got back as a group of 2 with enough time to have a beer and some wings at ‘the dizz’ before heading home.

See Bob’s writeup here: and photos here:

My full photoset here:

Best day ever. 100 miles — 4700′

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