Pancake Intercept 2015

Bob held a ramble ride out to Union Bridge yesterday. If you missed it, you missed out. 5th trip around the pancake loop for me. Fantastic weather, good company and the best roads in the Baltimore area made for a great day of riding after what seemed like an endless winter.

IMG_3121We met up at Starbucks.

IMG_3134Andrew, John and I made a great sweep team for the beginning half of the ride.

IMG_3138We made it to Union Bridge in time for some breakfast…

IMG_3138 - Version 2Closeup of the last shot. I produced a set of spoke cards for this ride and had a great time with it! Here’s a full size shot of the art…

IMG_3140Then we rode some more. John peeled off for Westminster…

IMG_3144Andrew bumped into some wildlife…

We made it back to Baltimore in one piece. Beer and a bit of dinner with Andrew and Bob – new NEW best day ever. Only 1 complication–before the ride I noticed a bent/torn tooth on my big ring. I bent it straight and it bent back within 25 miles. I had to trim my shifts differently and it clicky-clicked all afternnoon, but the ride wasn’t ruined by it. I swapped it out for the 48 tooth ring I stripped off the trucker a few months back today and it’s rolling again. Not shifting the greatest–works for now. Time to get geared up for Monument to Monument!

Permalink to my photos HERE. Bob’s photos can be seen HERE.
Bob’s Writeup HERE.
100 miles even – 7744′ elevation – 12.4 moving average

5 thoughts on “Pancake Intercept 2015

  1. It was a pleasure riding with you, on Sunday. Also, I am glad to have met the writer of this blog, in person. Thank you for the spoke card – a great souvenir of great ride.

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