Codorus s32o

The hills roll out like centuries
Pass by without a sound
Just a mile outside of town

Andrew invited me out with his Adventure Club™ for an overnighter to Codorus State Park. He’s riding the Adirondack Park Loop in a month or so and needed to do a gear check and test ride. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to go and hang out with such a great group. Hope we get the chance to do this trip, another like it or just a ride around town really soon!

We started out in Baltimore. Weather was iffy. We even saw snow, or sleet, or SOMEthing frozen falling from the sky. While in Druid Hill Park, we checked a few mechanical issues–rigged ’em and we were on our way…

35 or so miles of riding with a few rest stops and soon it looked like this…

Then this…

Part of our crew went for a grocery adventure to the closest Wal-Mart while the rest of us made ourselves “useful” by procuring firewood. Soon everyone was back and it looked like this…


It was colder than I expected it would be. Really wish I had packed my sleeping bag liner. 7 or 8 hours of sleep–breakfast–cleanup and we were on the road again. Sunday weather was text-book perfect spring conditions for riding!


We came home via the trail and had 1 final rest stop in Cockeysville before we all started to split off to our respective destinations. Wish I had time to write more as there were tons of little side-stories and events but I already made several deals with the devil just to find time to disappear for the entire weekend.

32 hours. 102 miles. Perfection. Full photoset on Flickr HERE.

8 thoughts on “Codorus s32o

  1. Looks like a good time. I saw a few of these guys on their way back into the city and assumed they were doing an overnight on the NCR Trail. Looks like an awesome adventure. Do they do any sort of regular rides?

      • I’d like it too. I need to build some more base miles for Bobs rides – hopefully soon my daily commute mileage will go from 5 to 10 and throw in some hills – I just don’t think I’m getting much of a benefit from the short rides. That being said… I’ll be at Monument to Monument to test my legs for the first long ride of the year.

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