Monument to Monument 2015

Given everything that happened in Baltimore this past week, the Monument ride was touch-and-go. In the end it looked ok. My 5th trip was with a great group and everyone rode strong! Quick rundown: Ride to D.C. Trails, Say hi to the monument, Sandwich, Trails, Ride back, Say hi to the monument in Baltimore, Beer.




IMG_3256The camera was rattling around inside my bag and changing its settings for some reason this month so most of my pictures were blown out. The remainder is HERE. I made spoke cards again this month. They turned out ok too…





96 miles – same average as always – great time. I was a little more wiped out than normal by the experience. We met up at Joe Squared afterwards and shared a few pitchers of that aforementioned beer – forgot what. It wasn’t until I was sitting at home that I remembered to take a pic and notes so i can start my ‘brewvet 2015’ challenge. Oh well.

Thanks Bob for keeping a great tradition going!

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