M2M 2K15 #2

My day: Mostly Photos, some words…

The meetup, start and trip south were par for the course. Before long I made a wrong turn and went an extra 3 miles off route. I got into the zone north of the airport and missed my gps call a turn at Nursery Rd. Back on course we caught up with some others and made it to the first rest stop. Rolling around my head all morning was that I was up for riding today but wasn’t really down for DC. There’s something about the slog down the trail and the stop-and-go traffic along the mall that just seems to take FOR EVER. When we caught up with everyone at the rest stop it was shaking out that the remainder of the riders were either going to take the train home, turn around, or had some other plans. I really didn’t want to take the train and wasn’t interested in riding alone for 4-5 hours. I decided to turn back at the mile 25 point. Mike had ran a race the day before and was turning back too so I got to ride with him for a while until he turned for Ellicott City at the Elkridge Furnace Inn. On my approach through Baltimore’s south side I bumped into 2 riders who suspiciously were making the same turns as me. I caught up to them, said hi and asked if they were on Bob’s ride. They said “no, we rode from D.C.” and immediately accelerated up a hill continuing to make all the same turns ahead of me…

Once back in City limits I took photos of street art and bummed around for a bit…

57 miles, 3437′. I didn’t go to D.C., but I ended the day completely satisfied. Rest of the photos HERE

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