Coffeeneuring Challenge #1

Last year I didn’t do the coffeeneuring challenge because most of my frivolous rides happen on Monday. I’m off on Monday, but by the letter of the law SATURDAY & SUNDAY rides only!. This year, I decided to just do whatever works for me. It was a beautiful day today and I had 2 freshly tuned up bikes to test out. Decided to go on Coffeeneur #1 and test the new chain on my Warbird. This ride was a loop like the Cabin Hunt ride a few weeks ago without the Route 1 segment. I started off riding around in the gravel along Bottom Road, cut north towards Bel Air along the Ma & Pa trail and towards home on 924. 20.2 miles total.

I wanted to go to a small coffee shop or bakery in town and rode around a little bit looking for one. First thing I learned was I have no idea where one is downtown. I’ll have to do a little more research on that. I ended up stopping at the Sonic for a breakfast burrito brunch.

Thumby Photo from the Sonic.
Still getting used to which side of my new phone the lens is on.

Parking is available right at the table, so yeah, pretty accessible. Car hop was nice. Coffee and burrito were surprisingly good and the tots were fresh and hot. I was just as or more satisfied with this than I would have been with a pastry at any shop.

Second thing I learned is that my headset was a little loose. I told the mech 2 tune-ups ago that it felt a little loose and had some odd vibration noises when I was running it through gravel. I got it back the same way I gave it to them so I figured, “oh well, guess I’m imagining it”. While I had it up on blocks, I decided to feel for play myself and ended up loosening the binder bolts on the stem and tightening the top cap 1/3 turn. Feels much much better and even quelled the squeal from the front disc brake a little bit–further extending my enjoyment of this bike. I probably could go another 1/4 turn, but it feels so much better that I’m leaving well enough alone for now.

So #1 is in the books. I’ve got a few other things planned for the #12 “Theme within a theme” rule, but nothing that I’ll carry through on all the rides.

2 thoughts on “Coffeeneuring Challenge #1

  1. Hey, the law isn’t Saturday and Sunday! It’s whenever your “weekend” is, meaning when your days off are. I always work weekend, so I’ve done my past two years of coffeeneuring challenges on either Tuesday or Wednesdays, my days off. So don’t sweat it!

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