Coffeeneuring Challenge #2

This weekend we were down in Ocean City with some friends. I got away for a bit on Saturday to complete the second challenge…

Date: Saturday, 10/10
Location: OC Daily Grind in Ocean City, MD – right off the boardwalk a few streets up. I forget exactly which one.
Drink: Coffee – with a bit o’ sweetened creamer.
Miles: 6.07 up the boardwalk, then Coastal Highway, and back.
Bike: Borrowed the Brommie from my better half.



Lesson Learned: Cruising weekend at OC is LOUD. Check your calendar before planning a trip. I did not sleep well Friday or Saturday night. Also it’s less fun to ride when there’s an event going on which is essentially thousands of people driving in circles for the entire weekend.

Out walking before the ride I saw all kinds of great classic cars. The weather was pretty crummy for a casual ride Saturday but I made the most of it. Fighting the wind made the hot beverage at the end even better.

I went back out and took a pic of Ocean Gallery Sunday. The weather was beautiful then but we had somewhere to be. Oh well.


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