Frederick Fondue 15

Coffeeneuring was on Hiatus this weekend while I visited the Frederick area with Ken to ride the Bike Doctor Frederick ‘Grand Fondue’. I’ll double up next weekend to get back on track. Starting with some photos…


Frost above tells the story of how cold it was that morning – wish I had packed some toe warmers and brought some thicker gloves. The first few miles were frosty. Ken lent me a buff to cover my face and I was sure to blow my nose in it a few times before I gave it back to him.



The new 50 mile route went along the C&O towpath for 6 or 7 miles starting near Harpers Ferry. It was a neat thing to see as I’d never been on the C&O yet. For the most part it was pretty standard for an “out in the country ramble” experience. The percentage of back-roads was cut back on this route from last year which was a slight disappointment but we still enjoyed it.


The vista above was taken when I stopped for one of my “all is right with the world” moments.

Ken decided to hold his bike up in triumph.

IMG_0699Ken climbs one of the last gravelly grades above.

Rest of the photo stack is here!

We got back and had our wine samples but weren’t feeling the pit beef truck that catered. It started to rain a few minutes later so we cut the hangout short. Still a good time and a great day! 50ish miles at an unspecified and unimportant pace.

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