Coffeeneuring Challenge #3

Or the challenge that almost wasn’t and now is again. I did a coffeeneuring ride when camping on the eastern shore last weekend with Ken which was more social and in the spirit of the challenge than anything I’ve done yet but sadly there were no coffee or “coffee-spirit” beverages consumed. I did have a nice Chicory Stout at Dogfish and the description said it was brewed with a Mexican coffee… Sounded like a stretch so when I couldn’t find a decent shot of espresso anywhere I scratched the ride from the challenge. I realized yesterday morning that if I didn’t get out that day I would have to admit coffeeneuring defeat for yet another year. Not yet says I.

Date: Monday, 11/2
Location: Dunkin Donuts right up the street from my house.
Drink: Coffee – BIG with cream & sugar.
Miles: 5.2 – I knew that it wouldn’t be 2 total as an out and back so I spun off on a  nearby country road and climbed a gravel hill to put me over the top.
Bike: Cross Check – still outfitted with my fatty cross tires from the Fondue I haven’t written about.
Lesson: A body at rest tends to stay at rest. For better or worse my body has been at rest all year. Guess this ride was more of a reminder than a true revelation.

my drink and my bike–with it’s ultra-secure helmet lock. Try making off with that!

5 minutes of gravel before I rolled home and got back to work

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