Coffeeneuring Challenge #4

The One Way Trip. I stopped and got a quick bite to eat before the group ride on Sunday. Still in it to win it.

Date: Sunday, 11/8
Location: Mount Washington Starbucks – Starting from my usual parking space for Bob’s Ramble rides near the Hopkins campus.
Drink: Coffee – small black – tasted kind of overbrewed.
Miles: 4.4 – Rode through Hampden and up Roland Ave. I cleared my gps before the event, but this was the balance of my previous odometer reading minus the event distance. Seems pretty close.
Bike: Salsa Warbird. I was going to do the “different day – different bike” thing this year and just realized that I’ve ridden the Warbird twice. oopsy. Maybe next time.
Lesson: Sunday morning rides are the best.

Look closely above and the bike is outside at the rack.

Here’s a closer pic I snapped later at the first rest stop of the organized ride.


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