Coffeeneuring Challenge #5

Stopped out for a quick pick-me-up to get through my yard work today.

Date: Monday, 11/9
Location: “Coffee Coffee” in the Festival at Bel Air. The most “coffee shop-esque” coffee shop I have stopped at yet…
Drink: Large Mocha Latte.
Miles: 3.7mi – I looped around my neighborhood once to make sure I met the 2 mile requirement but it apparently wasn’t needed.
Bike: Cross Check again. Cool to have a bike in the stable with flats installed.
Lesson: There’s no place to lock a bike up out front of Coffee Coffee. I took a cable lock this time and ended up just using it through the wheels. Could have tethered it to a post 30 yards away but seemed unnecessary for the 5 minutes I’d be inside. Welcome to the ‘burbs.

Foamy goodness & a blurry bike…

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