Coffeeneuring Challenge #6

Good thing I checked on the due dates. I was planning on finishing off Sunday and Monday. That’d be too late…

Date: Saturday, 11/14
Location: Bridge at the stream in the valley on Plumtree Rd. Bel Air, MD. I started out south and rode along Winters Run for a while. As I was riding, there were a bunch of places that called out to me as good stopping points. I had my heart set on visiting Harford Glen for my coffee stop so it only made sense that the gates were closed when I got there at the end of my ride. After taking a minute to say “NOOOOOOOO” to myself I turned around and rode back to the last place I thought would be a nice stop. Didn’t dawdle too long but did see 2 does bounding through the woods while I sat in silence.
Drink: Coffee.
Miles: 18.6mi.
Bike: Velo Orange Randonneur.
Lesson: Sometimes getting out of the house is the hardest step. The winds beating on the house did not sound inviting this morning.



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