I’m 0 for 1 this year.

This post is about precisely the reason I think New Years resolutions are total b.s..

For a while I’ve been thinking it’d be neat to do the ramble equivalent of an r-12 and ride every month. I’ve done 8 or 9 but never a sweep. In rolled 2016 and with it a mania of goals so why not make this year the year?!? Bob had On-Again-Off-Again scheduled for the 10th so I could get it started in style. It is one of my top 3 and I haven’t caught it for at least a year.

We traveled for New Years and I brought home a cold virus as a lovely parting gift from the festivities. I took it easy during the week but didn’t give it much thought because I normally shake off bugs pretty easily.

By Wednesday evening I knew this one was different.

The rest of the work week was not an improvement. I went home from work early on Friday to try and rest up. I NEVER call out sick. All Saturday was spent trying to let the cold run its course. I was still holding out hope that I’d get some riding in and did most of my usual prep that evening. Even if I didn’t do the whole thing I was thinking I could park at the NCR trailhead and shove off from there. Maybe get some hills in on the way there or back. Of all the routes Bob has, this is the easiest one to short and still make a good day of.

Overnight my head cleared out and I actually woke up around 5:30 or 6–awake but definitely not 100%. I was still thinking really hard about going out to Paper Mill or even Monkton and riding up to New Freedom. I set about doing some dishes left in the sink from the night before. If I can handle sanitation duties then I should be good for 40-60 hilly miles of riding right? Looking out the window at the fog, I started to daydream about the views I’d miss. Vistas obscured through a thick veil. I’d seen it all before, but it’s always fun to revisit. It was all mine for the small entrance fee of a little effort. I wasn’t sure I had it in the bank this time. There was a tiny angel on 1 shoulder telling me “It’s ok to take a break every now and then” and a devil on the other reminding me that I’d have no good stories to remember on my deathbed if I didn’t take a little risk now and then. Lucky for me they were both shouting at exactly the same volume and canceled each other out. By 9am, the moment passed when I knew I didn’t have time to grab my stuff, drive out to the trail, ride (slowly) to New Freedom, and catch the guys for part of lunch.

I definitely made the right (non)choice to bail. 1 hour on the trainer yesterday afternoon at 1/2 power was enough to make my lungs burn and give me a light-headed feeling that I never get from even my hardest efforts on a normal day. Couch surfing for a few hours was a much more appropriate use of my time for once and my trainer ride was STILL more than the average mall-dweller manages.

I hear it was super warm. I didn’t go outside so I don’t know. Looked sunny and bright for a while around noon. It was super windy at points. The sky opened up again in the afternoon a few times. There was epic to be had for sure but this time I’ll just daydream about what might have been and hope for some entertaining ride reports. Maybe next month’ll work out better. I’m definitely not going to wait for next January and the tacky party hats to start over.

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