Point-to-Point 2015

Yeah, I know this is a month late, but it’s been a busy one. Bob’s ride for December was a reworked version of the Point to Point route and we had a great time with it. Details elude me and sometimes I wonder why I even bother trying to write stuff down but I should have at least made time to put some photos up.


Near the start @ Fort McHenry.


As far as words go, all the descriptions really start to blend together after a while…in a good way…catch up with friends…meet new ones…set out by bike to distant lands…get 2/3 the way there and wonder how you’ll get back…take a break to eat something and feel better…get your second wind…power through and have a drink when all is said and done.

Unlike all the other ones, the points in Point-to-Point give this ride a staccato rhythm which is hard for me to grapple with. Everyone makes each destination and we hang out for a few minutes–then ride hard (for me anyway) to the next destination. That described the morning. We sat down to lunch and I was cramping up in the back of my leg (bicep femoris or vastus lateralis). I started moving around the restaurant, ate some food and was feeling better about life by the time we were ready to move. The afternoon went at a much more typical pace. Most everyone else raced off. Andrew, Charlie, and I swept the route clean. We met up in Fells Point to hang out for a few minutes just around sunset. A great day and I feel guilty for not calling attention to it sooner. Side note that it was great to see Isaias, Maxine and Charlie again!

Permalink to all the pics for the day is here

I’d say see-y’all next month, but that’s already happened.


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