Short ride for the cold days

Finally feeling a bit better. I’ve been riding the trainer a bit over the past week but haven’t had the desire to get outside beyond my commute. Andrew had planned for a longer ride out in the county on Monday. Given the wind chills I had no real interest but didn’t want to leave him stranded because I had previously committed to do it. We went back and forth a bit, finally settling on some ’round the city riding followed by a quick pint of beer and sandwiches at the Dizz.

From the start I wasn’t feeling it at all. By the time we got to Mt. Washington I had warmed up both figuratively and literally. I asked Andrew if he wanted to tack on 1 or 2 extra loops but I think he was getting cold about the same time I reached peak operating temperature. I have to work harder for the hills so that makes perfect sense.


15ish miles, 1200′ climbing and 1 wrong turn. It was the perfect amount given the weather. It would have been a bad day to venture out in uncharted territory as my Garmin kept cutting out.

p.s. Don’t know if it was the cold or what but my Coffeeneuring patch started to peel off. Going to have to break out the needle and thread…

p.p.s. Finally switched out the studded winter tires on the trucker today.


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