new old stock

I dug around in the basement storage and finally finished a project a few years in the making correctly…

I picked up a matching small saddlebag in tweed back when I brought the little tweed bread loaf for the front of the Randonneur. Mostly I brought it because it looked like a short run that they’d never reproduce. It never saw the light of day because of a few problems that I never worked out. The two biggest issues were the lack of loops on my Brooks pro special and that it would block my tail light in its original mount location. I’d created several versions of bag quick releases in the past, though none of them ever worked out to my satisfaction. A week or 2 ago I revisited my old experiments, worked out the problems I had with the designs and added a light mount killing my 2 problem birds with one stone. Monday ride last week worked as a nice successful test. Also successful in test was the blue padded basket I sewed an equally long time ago for my dslr with a medium lens. I’ve been trying to get more use out of that lately too.


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