Green Mountain Loop

I haven’t written much at all in the last 3 months. I’ve been riding, but it’s all been in circles. Recycled circles. Part of writing this blog and riding in Baltimore over the last few years has been a double-edged sword. On one hand, I’ve met a lot of great friends. On the other side, I’ve had to come to grips with what I’ve termed my “low normal.” I busted ass by my own metric training this summer in preparation for what happened last week. No matter how much riding I do it never seems to be enough to effectively catch up to the awesome I’m surrounded by and ride “fast”. The good side of the equation is that I found last week I can tour through east coast mountains for 4 days with all my junk and come out the other side still wanting to ride bikes the next week. My job changed too. That’s been good for commuting but when it comes to free time–not so great. Any extra energy has been shuttled away from writing and posting into “real” things.

Anyway, last Saturday, Andrew and I caught the Amtrak Vermonter north and met Adrian in Burlington to set off on an augmented version of the Adventure Cycling Green Mountain loop.


Weather was great, it only rained once and 90% of it was while we were sitting at lunch. Adrian had to back out 50% of the way through because of some knee pain. He turned lemons into lemonade by renting a panel van on the fly at a local enterprise and shadowing us for the second half. We had planned on arriving back in Burlington after 5 days of riding but decided to skip the slog across suburbia. In lieu of riding Thursday, we visited the Ben & Jerry’s factory and hung out in Burlington for half a day. So much adventure. So many side stories that will never make it to the page. I could talk your ear off for an hour so let’s go for a ride and if you go slow enough to stay in earshot I’ll tell you some stories.

Days: 4
Trip Odometer:
307 miles
Elevation: 20267′
Photos: In the Flickr Gallery. LOTS more.
GPS data: track 1, track 2, track 3, track 4, track 5, track 6, track 7


4 thoughts on “Green Mountain Loop

    • Thanks, No. I’m the only thing I weigh anymore. Once we had the “sag wagon”, I stripped all but 1 pannier with my tools on day 4. Truth be known the hills didn’t feel that much easier. The only time I was cursing the bike was when I was dragging it on and off the trains and buses.

  1. I am disappointed. Coffeeneuring started 2 weeks ago and no post on your site about that. I always look forward to your adventures, especially those involving brewing your own coffee.

    Hope all is well and that you are just being “lazy.”

    • sorry about that. it’s been pretty much non-stop work since i got back. (get a good commute in every day but there’s nothing really to write about there…) Hopefully I’ll have something to post soon…

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