Gifford Pinchot Car Camping

Ken and I broke away from everyday life for a few hours last weekend:

Just a bit less than 24 hours away at Gifford Pinchot. We took the car this time because 1) We would have spent the entire time on the road if we s240’ed it and 2) I’m unfamiliar with routes that far north. We had considered a redux of our trip to Henlopen from last fall. Unfortunately, they are closed for renovations and I didn’t have the free time to take a day off anyway. This was a nice alternative. I believe they have put in some new mountain bike trails since I was last there and we were out for an hour or 2 Saturday after we set up the tents. There were a few occasions where we got confused by the markings as to which way bikers were allowed but we kept speeds down and tried to be courteous to hikers. All was good.

Sleeping was borderline cold. I had my bag zipped up to my face and 3 layers on all night. Slept well. Ken, not so much and I was selling him on a slightly thicker sleep pad in the morning. The packed gravel camping pad probably didn’t help him any.

In the morning we set another fire, cooked some breakfast and broke camp in time for me to get home and do all my weekly chores. Ken didn’t feel like driving on 83 so he mapped a back route which looked to be a great extension from York to the park. I’ll need to do more reconnaissance work as I think I have a good route for bike camping next year.

Life is busy, but good.


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