All This Ice? All This Snow?

This is my fault. My bike tires control the weather. Behold.


My commuter has a summer tire on it. In my first random facebook post in about 3 years, I said I was leaving my studded tires on till April 1st because the second I took them off we’d get an ice storm. Well a few weeks passed after I clicked send and it kept getting warmer and warmer. Annoyed at watching the soft rubber of my expensive Schwalbe Marathon Winters literally melt off during my commute, I made the switch just after March rolled in. I’d looked at the calendar on my favorite weather programs and there wasn’t a single day that dipped below 30 for March. I know that forecasts further out than a week are useless, but come on.


I left my front tire on because it wasn’t getting the same level of abuse as the rear. I can only guess that’s why it’s sleeting as opposed to the full 10″ of snow we were supposed to get.


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